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About E. Shine

My name is Edyta Rybak. I have always had two passions: economics and cleaning … these are the passions that guide my life.

I came to the Netherlands in 2009, and started my own cleaning company here in 2014. E. Shine, with the E from Edyta and Shine because we clean until it shines. E. Shine is like my second child. I look after it, let it develop and enjoy it, together with my current and future clients.

Our team consists of a dedicated group of women. They love to clean and they’re not afraid of hard work. Our focus is not on quantity, but on quality. Before you can think of what we can do for you, we have already done it.

If you are looking for a cleaning company with passion and high standards, then E. Shine is the one for you. We work with a smile to create clean, fresh spaces. For us, the greatest reward is a satisfied customer.

Dream Big * Sparkle More * Shine Bright!

Office Cleaning

A modern office requires efficient service. You can hire us for the daily clean or for any other frequency you wish, both during and outside office hours.

During the day, our neatly dressed employees complement your professional office. We work quietly, without disturbing your employees. They know when we are coming and move to another place temporarily if they want their workplace to be cleaned.

Outside office hours, we work in the evening or early morning. We believe that it is not our team that should be visible, only the results of our work. In addition to the daily clean, we also prepare your office for the next working day. We take care of cleaning and refilling the coffee machine, removing waste, freshening up flowers, and cleaning and refilling the dishwasher. We take this extra step, so that your employees don’t need to during the day.

Other property types

The daily clean ensures that both customers and employees can enjoy their clean surroundings. We have experience in cleaning a variety of properties, ranging from buildings with technical equipment (e.g. detective agencies and recording studios), companies in the field of health (e.g. spas and gyms) to showrooms, hotels and restaurants.

We also clean communal areas, such as entrances, lifts, toilets, kitchens, stairwells, emergency exits, reception areas and meeting rooms. Usually, this involves both regular and periodic work. You can also hire us to clean the staircases and porches of residential buildings.

Cleaning after renovation

Our company can also be deployed for cleaning after renovation. This service usually involves window cleaning (including at heights) and the cleaning of doors, kitchen, bathroom and other equipment. Preparation for occupation, such as decoration work, is also possible.

Property cleaning

We offer complete clearing and cleaning of homes, for example in the event of the death or departure of occupants, where the house contents have been left behind. Clearing up cannabis plantations is also an option.

We can also arrange home furnishings, for example in a model home for a new-build project or furnished homes for rent. We remove protective plastic from kitchen units, make up beds and place decorative elements.

Exterior cleaning

We don’t just clean the inside; the space outside is also important. Cleaning of external walkways, balconies and terraces, for example, can be carried out in various ways. One method is high-pressure cleaning. We recommend that this is carried out on a quarterly basis. We can also remove litter and chewing gum.

We also accept requests for window cleaning and are qualified to work at heights. Whether it’s for gallery-access flats or residential tower blocks, we can take care of it.

Machine cleaning

When it comes to machine cleaning, one of the many options we offer is thorough floor cleaning. This can include stain removal, and cleaning, polishing and levelling of surfaces. We have experience with all kinds of floors, for instance dance studio floors, soft floors such as in yoga studios, wooden floors, parquet and marble floors.

“A great collaboration for many years. Top service and extremely high quality. Cleaning carried out properly!”

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Our team

Edyta Rybak

Edyta Rybak


Agnieszka Rozynek

Agnieszka Rozynek

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Malgorzata D. Morawiec

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Elzbieta Nowak

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Malgorzata Warchol

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Malgorzata Kubicz

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Barbara Kolany

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